Club Membership - Grow Plan

$ 100.00

Flourish with the Perfect plan for 2 People

Receive key product selections from our food, water, energy groups as well as crucial medical and gear box supplies to ensure you will Flourish and THRIVE in the face of an emergency situation

$100 Billed Monthly
Plan Period: 12 Months

Club Membership means you will receive a monthly shipment of product specific to your preparedness plan needs based on the plan level chosen.  Shipping is not included in the monthly membership and will be charged separately. 


Month #1: Receive (2) Personal 72hr Food Pails

Month #2: Receive (2) Advanced Water Bottle Purifier/Filters, (2) NatGeo Emergency Back-Packs to fill with gear, Emergency Blanket (2/pk), Emergency Poncho (2/pk), Carabiners (2/pk)

Month #3: Receive your complete cooking kit, 2 sets 50hr Candles (2/pk), (2) Utility Cords, Trifold Shovel, Basic First Aid Kit


Membership can be cancelled at anytime with 30-day notice.