Club Membership - Thrive Plan

$ 150.00

Ideal Sustainability Plan for a family of 3 or more

Choose this plan for long-term sustainability. Receive prime product selections from our food, water, energy groups as well as advanced medical and gear box supplies to ensure you have a sustainable foundation for THRIVING!

Club Membership means you will receive a monthly shipment of product specific to your preparedness plan needs based on the plan level chosen.  Shipping is not included in the monthly membership and will be charged separately. 


Month #1: Receive (3) Personal 72hr Food Pails

Month #2: Receive (3) Advanced Water Bottle Purifier/Filters, (3) NatGeo Emergency Back-Packs to fill with gear, (2) Emergency Blanket (2/pks), (2) Emergency Poncho (2/pks), (3) Carabiners (2/pks)

Month #3: Receive (2) complete cooking kits, (3) sets 50hr Candles (2/pks), (2) Utility Cords, Trifold Shovel, Basic First Aid Kit, Hand Powered Radio/Flashlight/Siren


Membership can be cancelled at anytime with 30-day notice.